crafted by photobiz

We LOVE taking senior pictures!  It is such an exciting time in your life and we love the energy that brings to Senior Sessions.  We also love the ability to be creative and take in the amazingly beautiful area that we live in.  Here is more about what makes us unique:

1.  We want to capture YOUR personality and style.  Are you casual and easy going?  We want that to show in your images!  Are you outgoing, adventurous and kind of excited about the idea of being a "model for a day"?  We want that to show!  So we have an natural approach to our sessions.  We want you to be comfortable, it all starts there.  When you are comfortable, you can be yourself and it will show in your images.  We always start with natural posing like walk down this trail, lean against this wall, put your arms in your pockets, fold your hands.  We believe this enables our seniors to overcome any anxiety and relax.

2.  Northern Michigan is such a beautiful place!  All of our sessions take place on location somewhere around northern Michigan.  We know of several great locations in the area. Whether you are looking for woods and trails or water and sand, or the look of downtown Traverse City, there are many great options in our area.  You may also have some in mind which is great too.

3.  We want you to have fun!  Yes, we want you to LOVE your images but we also want you to love the session.  We aren't pushy or scary.  We want you to smile, laugh and just have a great time.  We also welcome any friends or family to come along as well to make sure you have a great time.

4.  We love using natural light but are ready for any situation.  We try to create images that don't look overly worked.  It doesn't matter if it is a cloudy day, sunny or just as the sun goes down.  We work hard to find beautiful light and we are ready for any situation.