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Tips to make sure you have a great session:

1.  There is not a limit to the number of clothing options so BRING ON THE STYLE!  Bring something comfortable and casual.  Bring something dressy.  Bring something that will still be in style years from now.  Dress in layers to make a quick change.  You don't have to be matchy-matchy either.  Bring some things that are colorful and others that are more neutral.  Choose colors that work well together like blue/yellow/green or purple/grey or red/orange/brown and more.  Don't forget the accessories like scarves, hats, jewelry, jackets, shoes.  If you need help, do a quick Pinterest search for what to wear for senior pictures and you will see a ton of examples.

2.  Perhaps not the best time to experiment.  I wouldn't recommend getting a brand new hair style right before your session or try a completely new make up technique.  Note - makeups with SPF often have a shine to them so we recommend make up with out.  We recommend using matte foundations and avoiding make-up that isn't shiny or glittery.  If you do need to get a hair cut, we recommend doing it a week in advance just in case you need to adjust or fix it.  Don't go fake bake just before your session and end up a nice cherry red.  If you are tanning inside or out, give it at least 3 days break before your session.  You don't want to feel unsure the day of your session.

3.  Bring things that represent you, your interests and talents.  If you play any sports, bring your gear or uniforms.  Have a family pet?  They are welcome to join you.  Do you love to read?  Bring some books.  Play an instrument?  Bring your gigging gear.  We will have plenty of time to incorporate these things into your session.

4.  Be prepared for the elements.  On cooler days bring a coat, sweater or even a blanket.  If it is windy be prepared for some of the session to put some or all of your hair up.  Bring additional hair spray, pins as well to fix your hair if it gets a little out of control.  

5.  Don't forget to shave the day of your session!  It is time to look your best. 

6.  Tell us if you want to try something!  Don't be afraid to speak up if you have ideas.  We'd love to hear them.  It helps us if you know what you want.

7.  I've said it elsewhere but feel free to bring family or friends along!  There may be times that you appreciate the input or just having them there for support.  You are welcome to grab a few quick shots with them during your session.

8.  Bring some comfort items.  Bring something to drink and snack on during your session.  Don't forget a mirror, extra make-up, brush and combs.  Whatever will help you relax and feel prepared.