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I have always loved photography.  I saved up for a camera before I saved up for a car.  I love everything about it.  I love learning about the nature of light.  I love that in a split second you have the ability to capture something beautiful and real.  I also love working with people, making them feel comfortable and then capturing unforgettable moments.  Besides photography, I love music.  I play guitar and sing, and if I could have music constantly playing, I would.  I enjoy playing and watching sports.  Basketball is my favorite sport to play.  Football is my favorite sport to watch.  I enjoy the outdoors as well, whether it is fishing out on a lake, camping, backpacking or just exploring out in the woods.

I have been married to my high school sweetheart, Mary for almost 20 years!  We have 9 amazing kids!  Yes, nine (not a typo).  5 of our children are biological and 4 are adopted through the Michigan Foster Care system and from China.  Our oldest is 16 and our youngest is 4.  Our family's life is oriented around following Jesus and loving God and others to the best of our ability.