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When is the best time to schedule my session?

We recommend scheduling your senior session as early as possible.  Late spring and early summer work great.  Traverse City school yearbooks have an October deadline so you don't want to wait too long.  However if your school has a late deadline that does open up the possibility of fall senior sessions.  Not only can you potentially get the great color but you can draw in fall fashion as well with sweaters, scarves, etc.

How many pictures will you take?

We assure you that you will have plenty of images to choose from.  Most seniors have at least 60 final, edited images to choose from. 

How will I view and order my photos on-line?

You can get to your gallery and my storefront by clicking on the "Order Prints" tab above. Pictures can even be shared to Facebook or Pinterest right from the gallery. From this storefront you can also order prints & other products. They will then be processed at a professional photo lab and sent to you. Please allow roughly 2 weeks for delivery. Perhaps more during the end of November & December.

How many locations can we take pictures at?

As many as time allows for.  There may be an additional mileage charge after 20 miles one way.

When do we need to pay?

The session fee is due at the time of session.  If you choose to go directly to an online gallery because you are not from the area or if it is more convenient, another $200 deposit is due at the time of session.  Payment can be made by cash, check, or credit.  

When is the best time for portrait sessions?

In general it is best to photograph outdoors in either the morning or evening. During the middle of the day the sunlight can be very harsh. An overcast day does provide some of the best lighting but you may loose some of the highlights you gain from a sunny morning or evening. Perhaps the very best time to shoot portraits is from 45 minutes before sunset to 20 minutes after. In photography, this is called the "golden hour". 

What will come on the Master Drive we receive?

Master Drives can be purchased with all portrait sessions.  These drives include all of your final, edited images.  These contain high resolution versions of all your images with "Home Rights Use". 

What is "Home Rights Use"?

This means the digital files can be used for your personal use only. You may make prints from the file for your own use or to give as gifts, to upload the low resolution images to your blog or website or make another copy of the disc for personal back-up purposes only. 

Why do you offer so many prints sizes in your online store?

Digital SLR cameras shoot in a 2:3 format. For instance a 4x6 is also in a 2:3 format. However, an 8x10 is not so it will be cropped on the sides to fit. The bad thing is that most common size frames are not in a 2:3 format. When ordering pictures on-line through us, each image will be adjusted to the best of our ability to fit into the size print you order. 

Why do professional lab prints cost so much more?

First, our labs use the best equipment and employ the best staff to make sure prints and products turn out amazing.  Secondly, you must think of ordering prints as purchasing art. You wouldn't think of hiring someone to paint your portrait and pay only for the canvas and paint. Photographers are artists capturing their vision on paper through a camera. The price isn't determined by the paper it is printed on as much by the image placed on it.  But when you consider all of the things you spend money on to decorate your home, images of you and your family will appreciated more than anything else.

Do you use digital equipment?

Yes. Everything will be shot on professional Canon DSLR digital equipment.

Do you touch up the prints to remove blemishes, etc.?

Yes. Images will include basic touch up and editing to improve exposure, color, etc.  Full touch up of blemishes etc. are done to senior portrait head shots and closer.  Any print ordered at an 8x10 or larger will also receive full touch ups.  When purchasing a Master Drive you can select an additional 15 images to receive full touch ups beyond the head shots.  If you would like additional touch ups done please contact me and we can discuss details and cost.  One difficult thing to eliminate is glare from eye glasses but we will do our best. If you have frames without lens, it will eliminate any potential glare.

How long will it take to see my pictures?

It will take no more than 30 days to edit and prepare your images for you to see.   

Can we tell you certain images that we want?

Absolutely, feedback during your session is welcomed and encouraged. 

What if you aren't familiar with our location?

Portrait sessions happen in all sorts of places.  This is one of the skills you pay for when hiring a professional, we can quickly scan a location and find beautiful locations and beautiful light for photography.

Where will you travel?

I primarily photograph in the Northern Michigan/Traverse City region. This would include Grand Traverse County and it's surrounding counties. However if additional travel is required we can work out the details. Please contact us and we can tell you if there will be any additional charges.  

I'll be going tanning before my session, is it better to shoot for medium rare or crispy?

My recommendation is to save the sun for after your session. You'd be surprised how often being overly tan or even worse, burnt, will not look good at all in pictures. Then add the peeling skin and bad tan lines and the focus on you and the beauty of your day will be lost.

How many clothing changes am I allowed?

You are allowed to bring as many changes of clothing as you would like. Your session includes a set amount of time so you must decide how much time you want to spend changing clothes and how much time taking photos.

Do you have any recommendations for clothing choices?

In general bring things you feel comfortable and good in. It may be good to bring something casual as well as something dressy.  Consider having some things that you will feel comfortable in while sitting, kneeling, laying, etc.  Also feel free to bring athletic uniforms or gear or anything else that shows off your interests like instruments, etc. Layers work well too so that you can quickly change the look of your out fit.  Girls - hair is sometimes tricky in outdoor environments.  Feel free to bring things with to redo your hair if needed like brushes, pins, hair spray.  You may want to also consider bringing something with to put up some or all of your hair for a time if it is really windy.  

What if the weather is bad?

If the weather decides not to cooperate with us for a senior photo session, the session can be re-scheduled. Bad weather would primarily be considered rain.

Do you have an indoor studio?

No, we do all of our sessions on location outside.  There are so many great locations in our area.  We love taking advantage of them all.